Tips to Help You Dress Appropriately for Your Wine Tasting Tour

Even if you don’t happen to be a wine lover, a wine tour can be a fun and educational way to spend a day. However, if you are planning on investing in Traverse City Wine Tour Packages, use the tips here to be sure that you dress appropriately for the event. Some wardrobe tips are highlighted here.

Comfortable Shoes

While there are a few wineries that will offer tastings that are seated, the majority of them will be done while you stand. Besides standing, you will also be walking – a lot. The tour you take may go into the vineyard, across a soggy green lawn or even across a gravel filled parking lot. It is a good idea to leave your spiked hills and flip-flops at home. You can hurt your feet, damage your shoes and run the risk of falling and becoming injured.

Wear Layers

When you are going on a wine tour, it is a good idea to wear several layers, since you may experience a large temperature difference in a short geographical distance. When you wear layers you will be able to remove them when it is warmer and add them back when the sun sets.

Choose Denim if You have any Questions

Shorts, dresses and skirts are all appropriate attire for a wine tasting tour; however, if you have any doubt at all you can always wear denim. In most cases these wine tours are casual experiences and jeans are always in style and easy to dress up if you want.

Minimize Your Load

Unless you have small children with you, or some other reason to have a lot of things with you, then you should not torture yourself by having to carry around a huge bag all day long. This is the very last thing that you will want to concern yourself with when you are in a wine cave, vineyard or at the tasting bar. If you need a few things, try a smaller clutch or cross body bag – there are even modern fanny packs that are great accessories today.

When you dress appropriately you can make the most of your wine tour and fully enjoy the experience. Remember, this is supposed to be a fun time, so be sure that the clothes you wear are comfortable to keep on all day.

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