Plan a Helicopter Charter Over NYC for a Special Gift

The holidays seem to approach quickly every year. One day it’s summer and the next Thanksgiving is passing and Black Friday madness is upon us all. Your holiday gift lists are still empty and the sales are ending every day. You don’t have to comb the clearance racks for the perfect gift, though. Plan a helicopter charter over NYC and give your loved one a special gift that they’d never expect. Avoid the sales and simply make a phone call to book an adventure that will give you that look on their face you hoped to achieve.

The Ultimate Surprise
Imagine the look on the face of a recipient when you lead them to a helicopter for a flight that will take them to your special day. There will be no traffic, no trains, and no navigation to worry about as you rise above the city and head off along the Hudson or down to the beach in Montauk. Bypass hours of travel time and start off your getaway gift the right way.

Views Like Never Before
As you fly above the city on your helicopter charter over NYC, you’ll get the scenic route that you’ve always wanted. Whether you’ve never been to New York or you’re a native who has lived there your entire life, you’ll get to see the skyline in its entirety and look the Statue of Liberty in the eye. See what it’s like to look down on the observation deck of the Empire State Building or view all the corners of Central park.

Give Colleagues a Thrill
Your business colleagues may have to spend part or all of the holidays away from their homes and in NYC. Give them a thrill while they’re in town by planning a flight for them to get away for a little while. They’ll get to see all of the sights that they thought they’d never have time for and have a relaxing ride in the sky so that their trip isn’t all business. You’ll get to impress them with your creativity and they’ll get an adventure that they never expected.

Show Your Family the City You Love
If you left home to make a life in the big city, you may have family members who have always wondered what the appeal of the city was that made you stay away. When they visit, give them the gift of seeing why you love it so and show them the city from above.

Take the Hassle Out of Gift Giving
A helicopter charter over NYC is easy to book and affordable as well. Any time, day or night, no matter the season, you can plan a flight for your special gift. The experienced pilots of New York Helicopter have excellent safety records and are committed to making sure that your ride is the gift that you want it to be.

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