6 Tips to Help You Enjoy Egypt

Going to Egypt is your chance to finally see the pyramids, the Pharaohs, Cleopatra, and the River Nile. Here are a few things you’ll want to know before your trip, though.

Do your homework

The pyramids and Sphinx aren’t all that far from the taxi entrance. Don’t be tricked into saying yes to a camel ride when the sites are merely a five-minute walk from the entrance, the World Nomads says.

Ask about the tax

There’s a ten to fifteen percent service charge that’s usually added to your bill when you’re in upmarket hotels and restaurants. Keep that in mind when you go to the hotel or when you shop. Expect the meal you’re eating to be about twenty-five percent higher than the price that was quoted to you. That way, you won’t find yourself constantly surprised at the difference in the rates when the bill comes.

Dress right

Egypt is a Muslim country. You’ll want to go around with your shoulders and upper arms covered. The hem of your skirt must also be below your knees. And skip the skinny jeans. Wear loose trousers or jeans. You’ll have more fun on your travels when you don’t stand out and attract negative attention from the crowd.

Tipping is a way of life

Have a lot of change in your pockets. These will come in handy since you’ll find yourself tipping several times a day.

Pick a tour operator

Look for a travel agency that offers Egypt sightseeing tours. You’ll have more fun if you aren’t stressed about planning and mapping out your itinerary.

Check out the details

Don’t just pick a tour package at random. Check the Egypt sightseeing tours that the travel agency offers. Ask for the opinion of everyone in your group. That way, you can pick the tour that works best for everyone.

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