Yachting Essentials: Reminders to Make the Most Out of Your Sailing Getaway

Leaning over the rail to lift your face to the wind, spending a few days afloat with family, friends or your sweetheart, and going through light choppy waves and seeing how you, along with the rest of the crew, weathers these are all part of what makes a great sailing adventure. Not to mention the bright sun, big smiles, and a cooling swim. There’s something so free and relaxing about getting away from it all by spending a few days on a boat in and around St. John. If this is your first time to ever go on power yacht charters around St. John, here are a few handy reminders to help you get ready for the trip of a lifetime.

Babysitting Crew
The crew isn’t your personal babysitter so don’t expect them to care for your kids. The Tatler suggests bringing along your own nanny for this. If that isn’t possible, then ask the crew to provide you with a nanny. That way, you can relax during the trip, knowing the kids are in good hands. This service, though, will cost you extra. It’s a specialized service too so don’t be surprised if the service rate is higher than some of the other members of the crew, like a deckhand, for instance.

Party Rule
Most people have the time to party and have fun. However, don’t sacrifice your safety for a bit of fun. If you’ve got guests coming aboard, inform the captain. You’ll also need to talk to the chef so they know what food to stock or serve.

Community Space
Know where you can hangout and not. Leave restricted areas alone. Don’t take crazy risks trying to get the perfect selfie shot. Accidents can happen and you might find yourself toppling overboard or worse.

Private Spaces
Respect the crew’s privacy. Don’t wander into their private quarters. The same rule applies to the crew. Unless they’re a part of housekeeping, they won’t be allowed into your rooms either. So uphold the mutual respect rule to keep the peace on board.

Smoking Pockets
Some boats provide deck areas for smoking so ask about those. Don’t assume that you can simply smoke anywhere, especially in your rooms. The smell lingers and it’s not right for the next guest to stay in a smelly room. Find out where the smoking areas are to avoid this.

So make the most out of your dream vacation by following these reminders. Just make sure you reserve your spot now while there’s still openings.

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