Ways to Use Mobile Command Trailers and Centers

Police departments are using mobile command trailers more frequently than ever before because they are incredibly flexible and won’t compromise quality. Many times, the trailer offers multiple workstations, sometimes including an area for refreshments and coffee, washrooms and wireless communications in various locations. These trailers need to be set up, but once they are ready, there are many ways to use command centers, depending on what the police department needs and when.


Police departments have many responsibilities, but one in particular is a large gathering for a special event. In some cases, these events are controversial, but whether or not there is controversy is the fact that the public must remain safe. Therefore, police will likely need video surveillance and mobile trailers can help with this because it can be placed wherever it is most needed and can find problems quicker.

Weather Problems

Inclement weather is a big concern for many police departments throughout the United States because when power goes out or there is damage, they must be out making their rounds ensuring that theft doesn’t occur and ensuring the safety of their public. Officers can do their jobs much easier when they have a mobile trailer where they can take shelter from the elements of rain, snow and wind.

Moveable Labs

Serious crimes must be dealt with quickly and efficiently. In some cases, evidence can be lost due to compromising conditions, so having command trailers with a lab are a great way to ensure that evidence is not lost so that those guilty will receive justice swiftly and efficiently. Having a mobile lab is a great way to make sure evidence is processed immediately so that there are no problems.

Bomb Situations

While EOD and bomb trucks are usually called out in bomb situations, having a mobile command center or trailer available will make it easier for everyone to communicate. In some cases, mobile trailers can bring along a small version of the bomb truck, allowing the bomb squad to start working on diffusing the bomb and keeping everyone safe.

Whether you want a mobile trailer to include bomb-diffusing equipment or so that departments can easily contact one another is completely up to you. In some cases, you may want to have both trailers, along with the appropriate emergency response teams, such as EOD, ambulances, fire trucks and other important personnel.

Mobile command trailers are great for many uses, though may require different specifications and design. Consider Mobile Specialty Vehicles today for your communication needs.


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