Use a New York Airport Shuttle to Get To/From an Airport

In the past, most people had never been on an airplane or only got to experience the option once or twice in their lives. Recently, however, airplane rides have become more common and people ride them all the time, going to business conferences and vacation without batting so much as an eye. In some cases, such as in New York, you may want to take an airport shuttle, which will pick you up at a specific place and take you to the airport, drop you off after entering the airport at a specific hotel, or take you from one airport to another.

In most cases, companies refer to taking you from one to another airport as a “transfer” service, but many companies refer to both shuttles and transfers in the same way.

Airport Shuttle Choices

In actuality, there are many options available to someone who wants to be taken to the airport and not drive on their own. You can always employ a taxi, limousine and sometimes even a public bus to take you to the airport.

Taxis are sometimes helpful and it doesn’t seem right sometimes to be in New York without hailing a taxi, but they can be expensive. Most taxis keep the meter running, even if they are not moving. This means that when you are in traffic, and you likely will be, that you will be paying money to sit and wait.

The same is true of a limousine, in a way. Most limousines offer a one or two hour package, or may charge by the quarter hour (every 15 minutes). However, if you misjudge the time in traffic, you could pay more. However, another shuttle option is the helicopter.


Many benefits avail with the helicopter shuttle option to or from the airport. The biggest benefit is the time you will save, though a close second is that you will not have far to drive on your own.

Driving to the airport is a hassle, no matter how you look at it. It will likely be difficult to pay attention to other drivers and not missing your exit, making it stressful. It will also take more time, especially if you run into traffic. However, a helicopter will likely get you to your destination in as little as eight minutes, but at the most it will only take about 30 minutes.

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