Take a Romantic Helicopter Ride Around New York

You and your significant other can feel like you’re the only two people in the world as you tour NYC exclusively with a romantic helicopter ride around New York. Give your loved one an unforgettable memory as you tour the sights from above, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the traffic, and the tourists. Fall in love (or fall in love all over again) with a view of the city like you’ve never seen before and create a tradition that will last a lifetime.

Fall in Love with a View
As you look at your loved one high above the city during your romantic helicopter ride around New York, you can also look around and fall in love with a new view of NYC.

  • Create a moment as you fly over Central Park, the Hudson River, the bridges of Brooklyn and Manhattan, the Empire State Building, and many other sights that can bring about the most romantic ride of your life.
  • Surprise your love with a chartered flight around the city. Imagine the look on her or his face when you bring them to a helicopter that will take you to your destination for the night or leave at the end of a romantic dinner or event in a helicopter. The gesture, view, and surprise will be entirely unique.
  • When you come home from a special trip with your significant other, use a helicopter air transfer to get back to Manhattan and keep the magic going right up until you get home. Cut your travel time considerably and see the city from the sky with your love.
  • Use a chartered flight to create your own event for you and your loved one. You can choose from one of several pre-existing tours or create your own flight plan with a destination of your choice. Create your special moment in the sky and then arrive at the night’s festivities in style.

You can make your next special date into an unforgettable one with a romantic helicopter ride around New York. Be unique and find your moment in the sky as you fly over your favorite sights and see them in a way that you never have before.

Your Romantic Ride is A Phone Call Away
Booking a chartered flight, airport transfer, or helicopter tour is as easy as making a phone call and talking to a friendly customer service representative. Creating your memory is a no hassle experience with New York Helicopter’s experienced pilots and history of excellent safety records. You’ll have pictures, memories, and the romantic ride of your life to include in your love story and tell happily for many years to come.

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