Step up to business class without breaking the bank

logo.56If you are planning a long haul trip, for business or pleasure, the reason is not important. What is important is getting from where you are to where you want to be as comfortably as possible; and travelling economy class is not it. There are strategies that you can employ to get to the other side of the curtain where the seats are bigger, the food is better and there is no line waiting for the toilet. Cheap business class flights are available with advance planning; here are a few tips to get you to the sharp end of the plane without breaking the bank.

Email lists:

Everyone has favorite airlines, go online and subscribe to their promotional emails. Most of the time the promotions are based around economy travel but business class offers do crop up. In some cases the seat price per se is not discounted, but there are “buy one get two” offers which are a wonderful way to get both you and your mate in the loop.

Vary the airlines:

Most frequent flyers hate having to break up their flight with a stopover, usually in the hub city of the carrier. There is no doubt that when you opt for business class on a carrier that has a direct flight you pile up points and credits and you get to your destination quicker. Try second-tier airlines that takes their flights through their hub city, they usually offer cheap business class flights and you still get all the great perks.

Avoid peak travel time:

Although business class tickets are not discounted as often as economy, they also increase in price during peak travel times such as Christmas. If you want any chance at all of getting a discounted business class ticket, avoid these travel periods. This rule even applies to economy class tickets, the airlines never give anything away if they don’t have to.

Use your points:

Using your frequent flyer miles to upgrade takes advance planning as on most airlines there are only a certain number of seats that can be dedicated to points upgrades. It is usually well worth using your points on a long haul flight even though they may take twice that of a regular economy class ticket as the price differential between economy and business is usually more than double.

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