Polish your Movie Knowledge by Seeing Movie Sets in Central Park

Movie buffs might know that Central Park in NYC is home to a variety of unique locations which were used in dozens of movies over the year. But did you know you can visit those exact spots anytime you like? By reserving your spot on one of the many Central Park movie tours, you can your friends can walk in some of the exact same spots celebrities did in the past.

Quick Cameos and Major Scenes

Some parts of the local scenery may have only been used in small or quick shots or in long-distance aerial views, while others have made up a majority of the scene with actors and actresses making their way along the many sidewalks within the park. For example, the movie “A Troll in Central Park” featured the area almost as one of its actors, very few scenes passed by which didn’t show some area of the park. “When Harry Met Sally” is another well-known film which combined the Manhattan cityscape with numerous scenes shot in Central Park. Many locals to the area could easily point out a variety of areas seen in the movie and direct you to their shooting location. In addition to those, more than 150 additional films have been shot in or near the Park since the early 1900’s.

Noticeable Attractions

It’s not just the park itself which has been featured; many structures have made their mark on film. Two of the most popular are he Bethesda Fountain and the Naumburg Bandshell. Each of these structures can be visited during Central Park movie tours for you to photograph, walk around, and enjoy. In fact, you may find a wide range of art installments around either one of these areas. The bandshell is especially popular for groups such as the New York Philharmonic and the Metropolitan Opera, and a variety of public performances are done throughout the year. The Bethesda Fountain is a major work of art which was first unveiled in 1873. It stands 26 feet tall and is more than 95 feet wide, and features the “Angel of the Waters” sculpture. It was created as an artistic blessing of water for the Croton Aqueduct which was opened in 1842. Being one of the most recognizable and well known fountains around the world, the Bethesda Fountain should definitely make the list of attractions to stop and see during any Central Park movie tours you may take.

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