Four Types of Cruises

The Luxury Cruises Orlando travel agents offer cover a number of different options to help you find the perfect vacation. Cruises are often a favorite way to travel as you are able to visit many locations all from the comfort of a single luxury accommodation. There is not need to repack at each new port of call. Here are four types of cruises you can consider:

1. Luxury Cruises: The luxury cruises Orlando agents can book for you offer the ultimate in everything. Stunning, well appointed accommodations, superior gourmet food and impressive on board amenities are all available to make your trip a complete indulgence. Your voyage will reach the destinations you have always wanted to see while enjoying unparalleled accommodations and service.

2. Moderate: The difference between moderate and luxury cruises Orlando agents can book is that the moderate cruise is more affordable. You will still enjoy lovely accommodations and have your choice of world destinations ideal to help you meet your travel dreams. You will enjoy outstanding service, food and entertainment while visiting the destinations of your choice.

3. Active and Adventure Tours: As the name implies this type of cruise or tour allows you to participate in any number of exciting adventures and activities. This is the vacation ideal for the adventurous hearted who love to not only see new places but challenge themselves to accomplish new things. You can choose the activity or adventure of your choice and experience life changing moments that will offer you the excitement you crave. You will also enjoy comfortable accommodations, excellent food and outstanding service on this exciting journey.

4. River Cruises: River cruises have become the cruise trend of the decade. Travellers love the option to be able to enjoy the cruise experience without having to go to the same old destinations in the Caribbean. Cruise ships are very comfortable and are usually comparable in accommodations to luxury cruises Orlando agents book. Destinations include Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa making the tour choices that much more enticing for those not looking for the standard Caribbean experience. As well, many people prefer a river cruise as it keeps them closer to shore. Rooms are spacious and comfortable offering an endless view of new sights with gourmet meals and outstanding service.

Discount Luxury Cruise & Travel Orlando agents offer are always available throughout the year. You can discuss your needs with your local travel agent such as Great Escapes Travel to decide which option will work best for you.

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