Five Reasons To Go Rocky Mountain National Park Hiking

If your vacation plans include a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park, hiking is a great option for discovering the natural wonders of the Park. In fact, it is the best way to access the interior of the 416 square miles of nature’s treasures! You can either stay on site or book accommodations in the nearby community of Grand Lake. You can bring your hiking gear or rent it in the town. Rocky Mountain National Park offers plenty of opportunities to stay and have a great time. You now have at least five reasons to go hiking within its boundaries.

Five Reasons for Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park

For those who enjoy hiking and wonder why you should go to Rocky Mountain National Park, here are five good reasons.

1. Number of Trails: The Park has 359 miles of trails, originating from 35 trailheads. Those are more trails than anyone can handle in a whole day, or even a whole week.

2. Levels: The trails are not geared solely to one group of hikers. No matter what your level, you can find a trail to match or challenge your skills. You can take a quiet stroll along Bear Lake to Fern Lake. This is a downward slope with changing scenery.  On another level, though only slightly more difficult, is the trail to Hallett Peak. For more challenging hikes, consider Long Peaks, Sky Pond and Mount Ida.

3. Water, Water Everywhere: On Rocky Mountain National Park hiking trails, you can view water in all its various forms. The way the water triumphantly pours down the cliffs into waterfalls, dashes along the banks of rivers and streams, becomes frozen in glaciers such as Andrew’s Glacier, and is captured in several lakes like the Sky Pond. Overall, the Park lays claim to 476 miles of creeks and streams.

4. Abundance of Flora and Fauna: If you are looking for wildlife, the Park boasts around 281 types of birds, 60 species of mammals, and more than 900 species of plants. Elk populate the Park during the summer but you can also catch glimpses of mule deer, moose, bighorn sheep, black bears and coyotes.

5. Historical Sites: Rocky Mountain National Park is home to several significant historical sites and places. You can take a shuttle to some of them, but hiking allows you more options and opportunities to explore. In the Park, you can visit examples of early ranches from the 1930s. Among one of the designated buildings that is easy to reach is the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center.
These are but a few of the reasons why the Park is perfect for your hiking experience.

Rocky Mountain National Park Hiking

The Park presents one of the best hiking opportunities in the state. With at least 355 miles of trails available, visitors have many opportunities to discover a trail that meets their needs. With so many options, why hesitate? Go enjoy Rocky Mountain National Park hiking at its best. For more information, consider contacting the Park site as well as local tourism sites operated by the Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce.

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