Experience a Taste of Paradise in the Virgin Islands

Imagine for a moment an island destination, deep in the Caribbean, that boasts exotic sounding places such as Carrot Bay, Smuggler’s Cove, Brandywine Bay, or Sandy Cay. A place where the temperatures stay high and warm throughout the year and which is a ridiculously beautiful combination of snowy white beaches, rustling palm trees, and seas so deeply blue they defy description. The British Virgin Islands are such a place. If this is the vacation destination of your dreams, you are in luck. Not only is there a range of accommodation available, but the Virgin Islands have endless villas that are offered for rental. Finding one of these villas will truly make you believe that this is your island home and that the West Indies are your own personal paradise.

Restoring your soul in tranquil surroundings

The main reason that most tourists choose to visit the Virgin Islands is that they are largely a well-kept secret. On some tropical islands the magic is lost as you jostle for position along with hundreds of your countrymen, and you sometimes wonder why you left home at all. This is not the case here. While there are many tourists to be found year-round, the nature of these hilly islands mean that villas are often tucked away and private, so that you get the feeling of having the place to yourself. In addition, there are so many miles of glorious beaches that it’s still very possible to find one that you can have all to yourself.

This has long been the attraction of the Virgin Islands. There’s plenty to do when you’re ready for action, but plenty of peace and tranquility to enable you to recharge your batteries. Taking long sea-front walks or gentle strolls through the rainforest will breathe life back into you, as will diving or snorkeling in the translucent seas. There are trips to nearby islands that can be arranged as well as boat hire from the numerous vessels in the harbors. There are many local shops for fresh produce and the odd souvenir, and nearby restaurants to enjoy lazy lunches when you’re not in the mood for cooking.

Getting more active

For those who need a busier agenda, there is much that can be done. Should you visit during August, you will be able to enjoy the island’s annual Carnival which celebrates the ending of slavery in 1834. If you’re into serious hiking you can visit the Sage Mountain National Park in Tortola, which offers great trails and wonderful views. If you’re interested in the island’s history you can visit the Cooten Bay ruins and learn of the past.

There are also excellent surf sites on the island – some brag that they can assess the waves from the balconies of their Virgin Island villas and be on the beach to enjoy the swell within minutes. If surfing is your thing, you will doubtless have heard of Bomba’s Surfside Shack. This famous place is between Long Bay and Cappoons Bay and is the site of infamous ‘Full Moon’ parties where rum therapy is the order of the day.

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