Dancing the Hula in Hawaii

If you are lucky enough to visit the beautiful state of Hawaii, then you will likely want to spend some time celebrating the amazing local dances. One of the most well-known Hawaiian dances is the Hula. This Polynesian dance is typically accompanied by either singing or chanting. This complex dance has a number of hand motions, hip and foot movements, and ways to move, making it a fascinating dance to watch due to the power, history, and beauty of it.

The Instruments

There are a number of amazing instruments that are used when dancing the Hula in Hawaii. Gourd drums are very popular and come in a number of varieties, including single, double, and sharkskin covered drums. In addition, there are stones used as castanets, gourd rattles, and rhythm and split bamboo sticks. All of these gorgeous instruments are used to highlight movements in the dance and give the dancers rhythm.


Many times, Hula was performed for the amusement of friends and family while at feasts or parties, and these dances were precluded without much ceremony or pomp. On the other hand, this dance was often performed for high chiefs. When this occurred, the dancers worked hard to celebrate the name and lineage of the visiting chief. Each of these performances had to be completed without any errors, as this would be very disrespectful to the chief. Hula is performed today as a fun celebration and does not usually have the stressful elements that were so common in the past.

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