Almost time for Boys Camp!

Summer has arrived! We only have 3 weeks and the kids will be home all day. I can already hear my son saying “mom there isn’t anything to so” and the “I’m Bored”. I will search for crafts, games and recipes hoping something keeps their attention just long enough so I can get the dishes done. I will end up spending some ridiculous amount of money on a pool or a sprinkler that will inevitably start to leak somewhere.

I remember when I was younger we would play outside for hours. The kids in the neighborhood and I would build forts; have lemonade stands and ride bikes all day. We were in heaven; there wasn’t a care in the world. I have such great memories of summer.

Today’s kids have no idea what they are missing; I want my kids to experience the great outdoors while learning life’s great lessons. I began looking into Boys Camp for my sons. There are tons of different types of camp to choose from. Both of my boys have very different personalities. I was able to find camps that were perfect for each of them. My oldest loves soccer, I found a boys camp not far from home that will teach the skills and fundamentals of soccer. They are also supposed to help with team work and respect. My younger son is a great artist. He has loved arts and crafts sense he was a young boy. He shows a lot of talent. He is in need of the camping experience the most. He has been experiencing some issues with bullying at school. A group of kids have started calling him names and making fun of him online. He has been quiet and very unhappy lately because of these boys. He tries to be invisible. I found a camp that specializes in self esteem and dealing with bullies. It was created to help kids just like my son. I am hoping he will let lose a little and have fun. He is a great kid that just needs a support team. He was so excited when I showed him the pictures and has the date he goes circled on the calendar. I am very thankful that my kids will also have great summer memories that will bring a smile when they are younger.

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