5 Great Reasons for Climbing Kilimanjaro with Family and Friends

Ever since you saw Mount Kilimanjaro on a travel channel or researching on the net, you’ve always wanted to go. Now, you’ve finally pushed through with your plans. You’ve bought a plane ticket. But are you going there alone? Why not tag your best travel buds with you—your friends and family?

Here are a few reasons why climbing Kilimanjaro with family and friends make the experience even better:

1. Fun Times. It’s always fun to travel with people you like and even more lovely with people you love. That’s one advantage to planning your Kilimanjaro hike with family and friends.
2. Share the Awesomeness. Kilimanjaro is at a height of 19,340’ (5,895 m). It’s not just Africa’s tallest peak, it’s the world’s highest freestanding mountain—in the world. Wouldn’t you want to share all that awesomeness with friends and family? To reach the summit holding someone’s hand? Or laughing even while your friends swear every time the icy wind blows?
3. Cheer Each Other On. It’s going to get tough. You’re going to have to prepare yourself to get through 5 temperature changes. At some point, you’ll want to turn back—it’s cold, you’re tired and you just want the climb to be over. When you’re with strangers, you might not get as much of the type of support you need. But when you’re with the people who know you best, they’ll know just what to say to make you laugh and make you grit your teeth and take another step forward.
4. Bucket List. You’ll be surprised at the number of friends and family that have climbing Kilimanjaro on their Bucket List. Once you confirm and ‘put it out there’ you’ll find many will come out of the woodwork to join this experience of a lifetime with you.
5. Make More Memories. It’s about the climb, yes. But what could be more memorable than making the trip to the summit with the people who matter the most in your life? Taking snapshots along the way, taking selfies and duking it out for the perfect shot?

There you have it—5 reasons to take your family and best pals with you on your hike. The planning alone would be fun. You could all train together and get fit before the big hike. For more information on the best hiking routes to take with your family, ask us.

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