Your Colorado Vacation Awaits: Get Started Today

Before you book that vacation to Colorado, be sure to make a plan of what you want to do first. Go online to discover what is available and then make a list. In order to help you learn a bit more about the activities and outdoor living in Colorado, we are providing a brief list of what you can do – both in summer and winter.

Hot Summer Fun

Colorado offers great variations on the theme of summer fun. This is a state where everything can and does happen to make your summer vacation a pleasurable one. The list is endless! Here are some of the adventures you can experience:

  • Hike the trails in National and State Parks, including the mighty Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Discover Colorado’s ancient past in the ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde National Park, or the ancient petroglyphs at the Ute Mountain Tribal Park
  • See a glacier or spend a day crossing the sands at the Great Sand Dunes National Park
  • Go fishing or boating in many of the state’s rivers and lakes
  • Play golf
  • Go biking

This is certainly not all, but it should give you a good idea of how much there is to do!

Cool Winter Pleasures

Summer is not the only season you can enjoy in Colorado. You can cross country ski almost anywhere snow falls in this state. You can also:

  • Go ice fishing
  • Try snowmobiling along any of the groomed and off-road trails. You can even drive the snowmobile into some of the towns to go shopping and dining
  • Put on a pair of snowshoes and visit Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Take part in a winter carnival or other events e.g. Estes Park Winter Festival
  • Go dog sledding or ride in a horse open sleigh
  • Go fat biking on snow cycles, which is relatively new but becoming very popular fast

All these, and so much more, can make your vacation in Colorado fun, whether you come in the sunny summer or the snowy winter.

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