Why This Is Possibly the Best Architecture Cruise of Chicago Tour Options

The history of Chicago is rather unique. This now sprawling urban metropolis is rich in historic events and has been at the forefront of most American endeavors since its early founding years. Learn why so many people believe that one local tourist to-do activity has been called possibly the best architecture cruise of Chicago tour option.

Enjoy a Different Viewpoint for All of Chicago’s Finest Architectural Buildings

Many wealthy and famous people lived here in “the windy city” and built many of the town’s historic and beautiful architectural landmarks. These range in several different sizes, locations, and design styles. Even residents who have lived in this city their entire lives are often surprised to see the Chicago skyline while on the water. This gives viewers a whole new perspective. The gorgeous sunrise and sunset views over the sparkling waters of Lake Michigan are must-see events for visitors and longtime residents alike.

Listen to Well-Trained Volunteer Docent Guides Point Out Architectural Wonders

Sit back and enjoy the cruise ride while listening to a well-trained and knowledgeable volunteer docent guide point out a variety of this city’s diverse architectural structures and design differences. These friendly guides undergo hundreds of hours of informative instruction given by the revered Chicago Architectural Center before they are allowed to do the cruise tours. There is nothing like this in the United States.

Book the Best Architecture Cruise in Chicago Today

Chicago’s First Lady is the official cruise line of the Chicago Architecture Center. To get the best experience of the best architecture cruise of Chicago, book your tickets now! For more details, visit their website or contact them today.

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