What To Check Before Calling Roadside Assistance In Lake Mary

When your car or truck doesn’t start, won’t move, or has some type of mechanical problem it is very unnerving experience. However, if you are in the Lake Mary area you have options for calling for roadside assistance. Lake Mary isn’t unique in this service and generally most areas of the state as well as the country have services designed to get you back up and running.

If your vehicle won’t start or stops when you are driving there are a few simply checks that you can make before making that phone call. Of course if you realize that you have a flat tire then you can safely call Cnstowing for roadside assistance in Lake Mary and have a technician come out and change the tire for you. Some companies even have mobile tire repair services that can patch and inflate your tire, allowing you to drive to the next garage and have it replaced if you so choose.

Car Won’t Start

If your vehicle will crank, in other words you hear the engine try to start or “turn over” but it doesn’t then it may be an issue with your battery. However, it can also be a more serious issue such as the starter or the alternator. Check to make sure that both cables are connected to the battery terminals and there is not a big deposit of flakey material on and around the terminals.

If you have jumper cables or if someone offers to jump start your vehicle you may want to try that option. Keep in mind that if you connect jumper cables to the wrong terminals you can damage the cables and both batteries. If you are not completely sure of how to use the cables don’t try anything until roadside assistance in Lake Mary arrives.

Car Engine Stops While Driving

If your car engines stops while you are driving first check your fuel gage. If you ran out of fuel then roadside assistance in Lake Mary can bring you gas or diesel and get you back up and running. Be aware that running out of diesel is a lot more serious and can take someone with experience with diesel engines to get it to get it started again.

If you have any problems with your car that you aren’t sure of the reason do not keep trying to start the car and do not keep driving the vehicle. Instead call for roadside assistance and get the help that you need.

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