Three Things That Are Included in a Chicago River Cruise Tour

Chicago River Cruise Tours should be your first idea the next time you have to think about where you’re going on vacation. Cruise tours are packed with features and benefits to make your trip comfortable. These are three things that you’ll get with your river cruise tour package if you decide to invest in one.

Indoor and Outdoor Seating

You will have lots of places to sit if you go on some 90-minute Chicago River Cruise Tours. You’ll have your choice of indoor or outdoor seating so that you can get as close to the gorgeous view as you want to be.

A Full-Size Snack Bar

You will have access to a full-size snack bar just in case you get hungry while the tour is going on. You can quench your thirst or curb your appetite whenever your stomach tells you that it’s time to indulge.


You won’t have to worry about nature calling while you’re on a 90-minute trip. Restrooms will be abundant on the cruise ship to accommodate your human needs.

A cruise tour is a perfect remedy for the boredom of mundane life. Think about taking a tour on your next vacation. Tours are affordable, fun, and fantastic for your mental health. Getting out on the water and in the sunlight can help you fight depression. You’ll also get loads of vitamin D in your system. Consider it and act now.

Contact Chicago’s First Lady Cruises for information on river cruise tours and their pricing.

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