Three Reasons to Book a Private Boat Tour in Chicago

Chicago is the third biggest city in the United States, and it played an integral part in the country’s development. Located on Lake Michigan and the Chicago River, visitors have the opportunity to explore Chicago from the comfort of a luxury boat. Here are three reasons to book a private boat tour in Chicago.


Chicago has arguably one of the best skylines in the world, complete with the Willis Tower and John Hancock Building. The skyscrapers extend past the skies during the day, and they light up the night sky when the sun goes down.


When you explore Chicago on a boat, you have the unique ability to bypass the traffic on the streets and the sidewalk. You’ll be able to move through the waters quickly so that you can cover the most ground. You will also have the ability to see the views from an open deck instead of looking out the car window or train window.


A private boat tour in Chicago gives you the opportunity to have an upscale experience. Your boat tour can include food and drinks. You can serve champagne and shrimp cocktails to create an elegant vibe. Even better, you can make the experience private experience for just you and your guests.

Are you interested in a boat tour in Chicago? There are numerous options, so you’re sure to find a tour that fits your event. Contact Chicago’s First Lady Cruises today.

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