Planning a Trip Around the World

Taking an around the world trip should definitely on any travel lover’s bucket list. However, planning the trip can be complicated. Here are some tips from Business Name about how to plan your round the world (RTW) adventure.

Take at Least Two Weeks

It only takes two days to fly around the world but what fun is that? Take at least two weeks to plan stops along your RTW route. For example, you could just stick with countries around the equator to simplify your choices. This will give you enough time to get the flavor of a country before you have to head on back to the airport. Start asking your human resources manager now if you can stockpile vacations or get a month & unpaid leave.

Use As Few Airlines As Possible

Booking your flights at least three months before your RTW trip can save you a lot of money. Many airlines cooperate in alliances, which makes transfers much easier. It also helps make billing easier. Ask your travel agent if they work with certain airlines or airline alliances. You may be eligible for a customer discount. Remember to only travel in one direction in order to get around the world in time. No zigzagging across the globe.

Consider a Cruise

Some people prefer a RTW cruise, but this takes much longer than air travel. The shortest RTW cruises last 34 days. Some go for as long as 123 days and some for a full year. Many people love the slowed pace and pampering that only luxury cruises can provide. You also are not as rushed and do not have to worry about constantly getting to the airport and making connecting flights.

Decide the Highlight Of Your Trip

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