Old West Fun and Dinner under the Stars

If you are looking for a true old west experience, book a stay at a bed and breakfast in Fort Worth – where the West Begins. Fort Worth was originally established as an Army post on the banks of the Trinity River and it soon became a central hub for the cattle industry in the 1800’s, largely due to its position on the Chisholm Trail. Fort Worth is still proud of its western heritage, and the Fort Worth Stockyards is one of the major tourist attractions in the city. There, you can watch a cattle drive, buy some authentic western wear, and go line dancing at Billy Bob’s, the world’s largest honky tonk. If you go in February, you can even take in the annual stock show and rodeo.

After immersing yourself in the western lifestyle during the day, you will want to continue the theme at night. If you choose the right bed and breakfast in Fort Worth, you can enjoy traditional western fare under the stars as part of a chuck wagon supper. Back in the days of the Old West, a chuck wagon carried the food and cooking equipment in a wagon train, and supper was served around the chuck wagon. Back then, meals were simple, and there was very little variety since they had no way to preserve food along the trail. Fare usually consisted of beans, salted meat, sourdough biscuits, and strong, black coffee. Today, a chuck wagon supper at a bed and breakfast in Fort Worth offers more variety while continuing to pay homage to the meals fixed for thousands of trail weary cowboys. The main dish of a modern day chuck wagon supper is a meat dish.

Chicken fried steak is a common main course at chuck wagon suppers across the country, but a bed and breakfast Fort Worth area might add a little Texas flavor with barbeque ribs or chicken. Beans are universally served at chuck wagon suppers, since it formed such a staple of cowboy dinners. Some venues will also serve a green vegetable or potato as well. You can always count on finding biscuits, usually the traditional sourdough recipe, although some places may serve yeast biscuits. And, though cowboys probably weren’t able to enjoy many desserts, what would a vacation be without a sweet treat? Modern chuck wagon suppers usually serve apple or peach cobbler. You can always wash it down with the same strong, black coffee that the trail riders drank every night. Staying at a bed and breakfast in Fort Worth will be a fun, authentic experience that you and your family will never forget.


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