Luxurious Private Jet Vacations by Falls Church, VA Company

Visiting the the game preserves of Africa is an exciting and inspiring vacation. However for travelers who begin their journey in the United States, it can mean long hours on crowded and noisy commercial airplanes. This can deter the most stoic of travelers, but it doesn’t have to be this way. One phone call to the travel experts who specialize in Private Jet Vacations Falls Church VA and an intrepid traveler can be on their way to Africa without any of the hassles. There will be no standing in line and no scrambling for the best seats. The seating will be spacious and the food delicious. The traveler will land rested and ready for all that Africa has to offer.

Unless the traveler is an educated wildlife biologist or wants to do a lot of research, it’s a good idea to work with a African Safari Specialist. They will be able to tell a traveler what types of wildlife frequent each of the parks during specific times of the year. Elephant lovers won’t be happy if all they see are zebras and giraffes. Travelers also have to know how they will be transported to the game park and how much time they will spend there. Using a knowledgeable tour company they can arrange to be in the park for the best wildlife view hours. For some nocturnal game, it might be necessary to have a midnight tour.

African visitors might only have time for one game preserve, but others might stay long enough to visit several. This is where they definitely might want to arrange for another Private Jet Vacations Falls Church VA itinerary. African roads can be rocky and uncomfortably for tender backs or joints. They can also be filled with danger depending upon the political climate. Flying above them while traveling between game parks ensures maximum time with the animals and provides a sense of safety. The right private jet will fly low enough to guarantee spectacular views.

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