For Those Eager to Enjoy Machu Picchu Hiking Adventures

Are you someone thinking about the different Machu Picchu hiking adventures available? If so, you might be focused entirely on the most famous of them – the Inca Trail – yet, there are many other ways you can participate in Machu Picchu hiking adventures.

Naturally, the Inca Trail is a fantastic choice and frequently mentioned as one of the top five or ten hikes in the world. It is not a tremendously long trail and is suitable to people in reasonably good shape. It takes you through an astonishing variety of settings along its roughly 26 miles, and at the end is the “lost city” of Machu Picchu.

However, the ancient Incans had a vast network of roads and trails that connected the many cities and sites of their era. Today, it is believed that they had more than 40,000 kilometers of trails, and the Inca Trail represents just one part. If you are eager to enjoy one of the Machu Picchu hiking adventures, you can do a short hike on the Inca Trail, a longer “classic” hike or even a Salkantay and Inca Trail blend. However, you can also follow alternative routes that include the Lares Trek, the Salkantay route, Choquequirao, Huchuy Qoscoo and Vilcabamba.

Remember that all of the Machu Picchu hiking adventures are typically going to require the use of licensed guides. To preserve and protect these ancient wonders, the government requires guides to be licensed and they hand out only a limited number of passes for visitors to access the scenic routes. What this means is that most of the multi-day hikes along the official trails are going to be done with the support of a local trekking company.

This is to your benefit as it ensures you remain on the right trail, have all of the supplies and support you need and even get informative side visits to other impressive ancient sites along the way. Remember, hiking in the region means more than Machu Picchu. All of the ancient trails connected other sites and cities, and there are many stunning ruins and spots to visit along the way.

Take some time to research the options open to you and see why so many people have chosen a visit to this region for a holiday. The views are unforgettable, and especially when you have carried yourself to them on a guided hiking adventure.

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