Differences Between a Shuttle and a Transfer in New York

Most people and many travel companies use the term transfer and shuttle interchangeably, though there are some slight differences. New York is a big state and there are three different airports that you may flight into or out of. With a transfer in New York, you will be moving from one airport to another. A shuttle is a vehicle that takes you to and from the airport.

Shuttle Options in New York

There are many shuttle options available to you, including cars, buses, and helicopters. Shuttles are different than standard buses, because they do not make frequent stops and don’t take you very far. Buses are not a private shuttle-service and you will be with other people for the short duration of the trip.

Cars can include your vehicle, taxi or limousine. Most people prefer not to drive in New York, because there is usually a lot of traffic and it can be nearly impossible to park (and you must pay to leave your car at the airport.) However, renting a limo or taxi is another option. You are still at the mercy of traffic, but at least you are not driving.

Helicopter rides are another option to get from your hotel or home to the airport or back. In a large area like New York, you will have many helipad options. A helipad is where the helicopter drops down to pick up and offload passengers. This option is private and generally one person or group is picked up. You also will have room for some luggage, making it a perfect option if you are in a hurry.

Transfer Options in New York

A transfer is generally done within an airport or from one airport to another. Many times, it will be required to have a connecting flight, especially if you will be going overseas. You can hire any type of travel you want to get from one airport to another, including taxis, limos and helicopters.

Vehicles of any kind will usually get stuck in traffic, which could cause delays. If you miss your flight because of a traffic accident or heavy traffic, it is up to you to take care of the problem and you may need to pay for a later flight and wait a long time.

However, using a helicopter will get you to your transfer airport quickly and efficiently, usually in about 10 minutes.


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