A beginner’s guide to fishing in Naples, FL

If you are new to fishing Naples, FL locations, you may want to learn a little bit more about it before getting started. There are many locations throughout Naples, FL to enjoy the recreation of fishing and many of them have no closed season. This is a fishing man or woman’s dream as they can have access to fishing year round in the beautiful tropical climate that Naples, FL offers. By understanding the basics of what to expect when fishing Naples, FL waters, you will soon be on your way to enjoying this fun, yet relaxing past time in the beautiful locale that is Naples, FL.

Fresh water fishing

There are different types of fishing Naples, FL residents and visitors partake in which include freshwater and saltwater fishing. There are over 3 million acres of freshwater fishing in the Naples, FL lakes, ponds and fisheries. According to a national survey from the Hunting and Wildlife Associated Recreation, more than 1.4 million fishers a year enjoy freshwater fishing throughout the reservoirs, canals, and ponds in Naples, FL. If you are considering fishing Naples, FL freshwater fish, you may be curious about what type of fish you will be able to find in the freshwater ponds and lakes. Some of the fish you can find include:

* American eel
* Brown Bullhead
* Redbreast Sunfish
* American Shad
* Naples, FLathead Catfish
* Redear Sunfish
* Black crappie
* Naples, FL Gar
* Shoal Bass
* Blue catfish
* Chain Pickerel
* Spotted Bass
* Bluegill
* Channel Catfish
* Spotted Sunfish
* Bowfin
* Largemouth Bass
* Striped Bass

There are many more types of freshwater fish that can be found in Naples, FL waters. Before fishing Naples, FL ponds, you may want to invest in a guide book that shows you pictures of what the fish look like. In this way, you will be able to have a visual guide to what types of fish you can expect to see.

Saltwater Fishing

In addition to freshwater fishing, there is also saltwater fishing Naples, FL visitors can partake in. Saltwater fishing does require licensing unless other requirements are met. If you are fishing from a charter boat that is licensed, then you do not need an individual license in order to fish for saltwater fish. Some common species that you can expect to find in Naples, FL’s salt water include Cobia, Longbill Spearfish, Sailfish, Blue Marlin, Grouper, Dolphin, Mackerel, Mullet and many more species of fish.

Fishing Naples, FL waters is a wonderful pastime whether done for recreation or sport. The balmy weather and beautiful locale make this a favored pastime that local residents and visitors enjoy year round. Whether you are freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing, you are sure to enjoy it in the beautiful and sunny State of Naples, FL.

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